Cotton Fitted Sheet King Size 150x200cm

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Our luxury fitted sheet - made from the best jersey -  will make you feel like you’re lying on a cloud. Thanks to the twined and refined cotton, it has a super soft and tightly-woven quality. It not only feels great on your skin, our premium sheet will fit snugly onto your bed. Its round corners will fit your mattress perfectly, leaving not a crease in sight. When putting it on the mattress, there’s no need to be too careful since our fitted sheets are premium quality and extremely tear-resistant.  

Long-lasting Quality

To ensure that your new favorite bed sheet will make you happy for a long time, we guarantee long-lasting quality. Since we use long-staple cotton, there is no pilling, so your fitted sheet will always stay smooth and bobble free.


Our fitted sheets are made from 97% twined and refined cotton with 3% elastane. Our sustainable fabrics come from Europe. They are further processed in Germany without chemical plasticizers in Germany making them particularly sustainable.

97% cotton
3% elastane

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